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Crete property for sale - traditional houses, modern homes, villas, land plots & commercial premises
Have you had enough of the weather, cost of living and stress where you live now?

Buy a property of your own in beautiful unspoiled north west Crete, and make a huge difference to your life!

Imagine owning a home in Crete. Snow-capped mountains tower above carpets of silver-green olive groves. Tamarisk trees shade sandy beaches. The turquoise crystal sea laps your feet. Your own fresh lemons are within arm's reach. The warm air sings with the aroma of wild oregano, in harmony with the chorus of the cicadas ... and local farmers still ride wooden-saddled mules.
Wild unspoiled countryside in north west Crete
Whatever your life's dream, we have gone to extraordinary lengths to offer you gorgeous hand-picked Cretan properties in authentic local settings, and find you a perfect home in a perfect place. Owning a property in Crete will fulfil your wishes for a peaceful and exotic lifestyle, in a beautiful Mediterranean setting.
Crete property: a perfect home in a perfect place!
  Why should I buy my new property in Crete?

If you want to escape the rat-race and improve the quality of your life, a property in Crete has plenty to offer: a superb climate, one of the best diets in the world, a slower pace of life, and good potential for property investment.

If you want to invest in Crete property or real estate, find a retirement home, or own a holiday house for rental income, this Greek island can satisfy all your requirements.

One of the most popular Mediterranean destinations - and over 300 kilometres long - the sheer size and diversity of the island surprises first-time visitors.
With its variety of stunning landscapes, wealth of historical settings, and contrast between the cosmopolitan cities and agricultural heritage, Crete is the perfect place for your perfect home.

And always, there is the breeze rustling through the olive groves, red Martian soil scuffed by your boots, majestic mountains, silent shaded forests, and clear blue sea ... all of which would be worth nothing without the proud friendly people!
How can you help me with the language, bureaucracy, quality and cost when buying Crete property?

We are experts at finding the perfect Crete property for our clients. This is a land where the clocks seem to run slowly - and "tomorrow" means some vague time in the future! When buying or building a property in Crete, you really need local expertise to get things done to your timetable.
Although your dream is to relax in your perfect home and take things easy, you don't want to get involved in the lengthy delays, endless paperwork, over-charging, and corner-cutting that inexperienced buyers often encounter when buying a Crete property.

And all this in a foreign language!

Crete Perfect Home are professional real estate consultants, who have local contacts and skills, smoothing the path to owning a property in Crete. We will keep you informed about what is happening in your own language, and get things done on time.
Crete property: traditional whitewashed house beneath cobalt skies
Your Crete home? Vine-shaded and rose-perfumed
  Why should I come to Crete Perfect Home?

Our considerable experience and knowledge of the Crete real estate market, will save you time, expense and worry. If you ask us to find an individual property, or plot of land on which to build, we will provide you with the friendly rapport and attention to detail that has delighted many clients in the past.

With our extensive network of Greek professional contacts, we can manage the design and construction of your chosen Crete property, to a quality, price, and timetable which puts others to shame.
How can you find my perfect home in Crete?

Just visit our Contact page, and tell us what type of property you are looking for!

We will initially reply with a suggested list of properties in Crete, then keep you informed by email, about every new Crete property that we have checked before offering for sale.

If you have any other queries, or wish to speak with us directly about buying a property in Crete, please contact us on the numbers below.
Wild West: where farmers still ride wooden-saddled mules!
Church dwarfed by snow-capped mountains   Green and yellow, Cretan spring colours!   Cretan logic - boat 400 metres above sea level   Enjoy romantic sunsets when you buy a house in Crete!
Monday March 01, 2021
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